Mountain Wedding on Italian Alps

Romantic Wedding on the Italian Alps

When Silvia and Fabio tell me that they dream a mountain wedding, I was enthusiastic . I immediately visualized how suggestive and epic will be their wedding photos on a top of the mountain.
The Servin and Monviso Mountain, all the Alps, Sestriere and all the mountains peack you can see around you… Wonderful!

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Getting Ready for Spring Mountain Wedding

The big day is arrived and this spring wedding was kissed by the sun.
Silvia, Romantic and beautiful with his St. Patrick Wedding Gown is a
sporty and combative bride. She and Fabio loves the mountain running and the hunting. For this reason I photographed the bride with their first wild boar teeth.

Waldensian Evangelical Wedding

Fabio, waited her bride in the waldesian evangelical church. Finally they get married among emotions of all. Confetti and a Tractor waiting for Bride and groom outside the waldesian evangelical church.

Wedding Photos in the Italian Mountains

we take a rest from the guest and we reach with a pick-up the Vaccera Mountain, a magic place in the Italian Olympic Alps. This mountain is a secret symbolic location for my bride and groom. For this reason the wedding photos taken here are very close to their heart.

The wedding photo reportage is going on with simplicity and happiness. We take a lot of natural photos full of spontaneity and emotions. The Italian mountain landscape were unforgettable and we immerse ourselves on a wedding mountain romance’

Italian Wedding Venue Farmhouse

The wedding reception was made at the farm Bacca Blu close to the Alps. The location was surrounded by vineyard, olive trees, flowers and obviously mountains. The food was cuisine using the freshest ingredients from their gardens and local farmers.

I used the last sunlight to make some couple’s creative portraits and to capture the beauty of the landscapes, including Monviso, and the richness of their love.

I had a great time photographing Silvia and Fabio’s Mountain wedding! If you are looking for an Italian wedding photographer close to the mountain, I am here for you!

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